Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Route on Read A Route Under Construction

Working with our local Ice Age Flood Institutes group, the Glacial Lake Missoula Chapter, we are developing Read A Route's first offering for readers to follow - the Ice Age Flood Trail. As we do this, we are fine-tuning our route-building tools, so that registered users will be able to build their own routes, as the app develops. Very soon, we hope to get it opened up for folks to try out as a free route to read along and discover its "points of interest," specifically the geologic evidence supporting the theory of catastrophic floods. I LOVE that it integrates Google Maps, as it is so cool to be able to examine actual geological features to see a lot of the evidence, including the "giant ripple marks" in nearby Camas Prairie.

Last week, I presented this upcoming interactive site to a great group of rural Montana educators at the Education Technology Conference. The sneak-peek generated a lot of interest, especially for creating their own routes for students to follow - Lewis & Clark, around the world, Holocaust-relevant, etc. It got me even more excited about the possibilities, as well!

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