Monday, December 12, 2011

WorldWide IDEA's Idita-Read Moving to New Read A Route System

After five amazing years running our astoundingly successful annual reading-incentive race at, demand by our fans finally pushed us to expand this to a year-round, anytime-you-want reading of routes. This is why we developed Read A Route.

Of course, our fans still want and WorldWide IDEA's Idita-Read 2012 is just about to kick off registration. So,  I am really excited about moving that annual race to our Read A Route system, because it will offer greater  flexibility for our Team Managers and subscription administrators.

First, the new system improves the pricing by charging on a per-reader basis. This allows smaller groups, such as families and rural classrooms, to be able to better afford participating in this great online Idita-Read event.

Second,  any group will be able to divide its readers into as many teams as they would like without any additional cost. I am sure that many of our veteran Team Mangers will really love this new feature, since it will let smaller teams within their school, grade levels or single classroom compete head-to-head with each other!

We are still finalizing development of our team management system, but expect to let folks start registering for  WorldWide IDEA's Idita-Read 2012 by early January 2012 - stay tuned!

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