Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ice Age Floods Route Gets Rushed!

I am SO excited! Over the last couple of weeks, many have begun registering for WorldWide IDEA's Idita-Read 2012.

Of course, that's awesome, but I am also thrilled that readers have started diving into the Ice Age Floods Route. This gives our Idita-Readers some "training" on the Read A Route system, but also encourages them to explore the fascinating geological story and evidence of this region. Its particular geological characteristics allowed the evidence of these cataclysmic floods to remain intact over the millennia, offering a unique understanding into these processes.

Meanwhile, as of this posting, 54 teams are ready for the race. Participants are coming in from all over — Alaska, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Washington, and our own WorldWide Waggers team includes students from the United Arab Emirates. Welcome to all, and enjoy the  Ice Age Floods Route while you're waiting for the March event!

K-12 Readers making progress on the Ice Age Floods trail on Read A Route.

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