Monday, April 9, 2012

Event Mileage Nears 2 Million; Lewis and Clark Route Available

What a thrill it has been over the last few weeks to see our WorldWide Idita-Readers push the pace and nearing the 2-million-minute mark — what a GREAT way to celebrate Spring!

Meanwhile, readers and Team Managers have been asking for more routes for their avid Read A Route fans. We have just published a Lewis & Clark Trail, completed next by popular demand. We expect to continue to enrich that route as we can, as there is a lot to showcase as part of that historical set of events and cross-cultural interaction.

That 3,114-mile route leads students along the primary route that Captain Meriwether Lewis and William Clark scouted during the Corp of Discovery expedition, 1803-1806. As with all of our pay routes, reading it is based on an affordable per-reader fee. For this activity that covers nearly 52 hours of reading time, the cost is just $3.63 for a solo reader. Readers can simply visit the Route page and click the "Add to Cart" button, check out, and then they are ready to roll!

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