Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Reading with Lewis & Clark; Idita-Read Celebrations

I have been enjoying following some WorldWide IDEA's Idita-Readers extend their journeys on the Lewis & Clark Trail and Ice Age Floods route. That's AWESOME! Meanwhile, some teachers and parents building new routes to unveil by the end of summer. Go Trailblazers!

But, I also absolutely have to give a warm-felt shout out to the 2012 team sponsor, Downeast Dog Scouts Troop 159, who recently sent me some cool photos of them and their participants. The troop is an affiliate of the Dog Scouts of America in Hancock County, Maine that promotes responsible dog ownership, bringing people and dogs together to learn, socialize and help in the community. Reading is the cornerstone of all learning and many of the dogs in the troop are Reading Education Assistance Dogs. The troop sponsored five teams for WorldWide IDEA's Idita-Read 2012, because, troop leader Robyn Douglas told me, the event "is a fantastic project for a group that loves dogs, the outdoors and the promotion of positive canine relationships through education and reading with children."

Below are a few of the photos she sent me of activities. Each team had a troop member dog as their mascot. Thanks Troop 159 for doing so much to support your local readers - looks like everyone had a blast!
Troop members meet with some of their participating readers to kick things off!

A large map in the hallway highlighted each team and their mascot.

Looks like participants got some goodie bags from the troop!

Close up of map featuring team mascots.

WorldWide IDEA's Idita-Read logo featured on the cake to help celebrate.

Another reader gets a victorious high-five at the Finish Line.

WorldWide IDEA Idita-Read participant awarded his metal.

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