Monday, October 15, 2012

Lewis & Clark Event in the Works!

We are partnering with Inspired Classroom to create a unique and exciting interactive event — blending reading, technology, science, and history that will kick off on Thursday, November 15, 2012.

This event will include a LIVE virtual field trip to Travelers' Rest State Park in Montana — the only spot along the route where archeologists have uncovered physical evidence of the Corps of Discovery's encampment. Education Specialist Allison DuPuy will show students the area and facilitate discussion with local interpreters explaining the evidence of the Corps’ campsite and telling stories about that era of American history.

Groups will be able to sign-up and join the trip at various time slots available during the day. Groups can participate either through their local videoconferencing equipment or any web browser.

[Image right shows an example of Inspired Classroom's Allison interacting with a classroom during their popular program on Bear Hibernation.]

The field trip will kick off a reading journey on Read A Route's Lewis & Clark Trail. Readers will have up to three months during the event to travel from Camp Dubious in Missouri to Fort Clatsop at the Pacific Ocean's coast.

Allison will help further enrich your group’s journey by suggesting related activities and projects and facilitating sharing — and reading competitions — between groups.

Registration will open soon - stay tuned!

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